Dr. Komal Agrawal Patel

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Introducing Dr. Komal Agrawal Patel, a distinguished medical professional with a profound expertise in gynaecology and sexual medicine. Dr. Patel holds a prestigious MBBS and MS degree in gynaecology, complemented by specialized training including FCGSM (Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynaecology and Sexual Medicine), PGDHHM (Post graduate diploma in hospital and healthcare management), and FMAS (Fellowship in minimal invasive surgery). With an exemplary academic record, Dr. Patel has been honored with 4 Gold medals from Gujarat University for ranking as the top performer in the year 2020. Additionally, she has been recognized by esteemed institutions such as AMA (Ahmedabad Medical Association), BJMC Alumni association, and Dharti Vikas Mandal, receiving gold medals for her outstanding contributions to the medical field. Dr. Patel's dedication and excellence have also been acknowledged through her receipt of the Umiya Chandrak Award. Beyond her medical achievements, Dr. Patel is a multifaceted individual with a passion for holistic medicine and an array of talents. She is a Visharad in Odissi Dance, showcasing her commitment to the arts alongside her medical pursuits. Dr. Patel's holistic approach extends to her keen interest in Garbha Sanskar, encompassing practices such as Garbha samvaad, Garbha nritya, Garbha yoga, Garbha dhaan, Vedic maths, and activities aimed at enhancing the concentration and brain development of babies, as well as preparing mothers for labor. Dr. Komal Agrawal Patel's dedication to her patients and her holistic approach to healthcare make her a standout figure in the medical community. With her blend of expertise, compassion, and innovative practices, Dr. Patel continues to positively impact the lives of many, embodying excellence in both traditional and holistic medicine.


2011MBBSN.H.L Medical College
2017MS OBGYB.J Medical College & Civil Hostpital (University First)

Experienced Here

2020GynecologyAssistant ProfessorJNU Medical College And Hospital Jaipur
2023GynecologyAssistant ProfessorGCS Medical College